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We Are OPEN: Weekdays: 5:30pm-8pm / Sat: noon-8pm / Sun: noon-6pm (extended if busy) (Membership Info)
3001 West Superior Street Duluth, MN 55806 (MAP)

Mission: To offer the best sustainable multi-field community workshop possible for our local artists, inventors, experimentors, teachers, learners (Makers!)

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(Saturday, Aug 13th - )

Save The Dates!

(Wednesday, Aug 3rd - Joe )
(Make your own save the dates! These were 3in maple slices)
    The lasers are great for making little save the dates! Very easy project.

Laser Cooling System

(Monday, Aug 1st - Joe )
(Caleb our 12 year old intrepid maker laser cut a custom organizer box.)
    We have implemented a custom cooling solution for our lasers. The requirements were to keep the water cooled lasers as cool as possible, but above dewpoint! Tricky. So, Arduino with temp and humidity sensors, coupled with a Minifridge with a coolant tank and a cooler with the laser reservoir. The arduino simply turns a circulation pump on inside of the minifrige cold tank to bring the temp of the laser tank close to dewpoint. Now we can run our big 100watt laser for hours at a time, even on warm days.

Tuesday, Aug 30th

Wednesday, Aug 31st

Event: Open Make Night(6:00pm-8:00pm)
Stop in and see what our members are working on. Find inspiration for your own projects! Open to non members to hangout and see what members are up to.

Thursday, Sep 1st

Class: Soap Making 101(6:00pm-8:00pm)[$25]
Learn the basics of lye soap craft from start to finish. We'll cover safety, tips, resources, and the fundamentals of the age-old craft.

Friday, Sep 2nd

Saturday, Sep 3rd

Sunday, Sep 4th

Monday, Sep 5th

Tuesday, Sep 6th

Wednesday, Sep 7th

Event: Open Make Night(6:00pm-8:00pm)
Stop in and see what our members are working on. Find inspiration for your own projects! Open to non members to hangout and see what members are up to.

Thursday, Sep 8th

Friday, Sep 9th

Class: Watercolor Introduction(6:00pm-8:00pm)[$25]
Explore basic watercolor techniques and play with india ink to gain an understanding of the watercolor fundamentals. Then apply them to your own guided postcard masterpiece, complete with a glass of wine! Supplies provided.

Saturday, Sep 10th

Sunday, Sep 11th

Event: Volunteer Forced Labor Camp(4:00pm-6:00pm)[$0]
Prior to DMS Membership Meeting, a group labor session to get bigger projects done. No skills required! All help appreciated.

Event: DMS Membership Meeting(6:00pm-7:00pm)
Come discuss/vote on latest policies and plannings.
  • TBD
  • Monday, Sep 12th

    Tuesday, Sep 13th

    Class: Wire Wrap Jewelry(6:00pm-7:30pm)[$15]
    Come try building your own wire-wrapped jewelry. All of the tools and materials will be provided along with some guidance on making a tree of life which can be used as an earring, pendant or window hanging! No experience necessary.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is a MakerSpace?
    A: A Community Workshop, run like a fitness gym, where a monthly membership pays for shared access to tech tools, electronics, woodshop, metalshop, techshop, crafts, classrooms, fabrics, etc! Similar places have been sprouting up across the country. They are a real community asset driving innovation, education and cooperation.
    Here are some established ones: CIF, TinkerMill, TC Makers

    Q: Who is running this?
    A: A loose knit group of about 30 very interested member-volunteers so far who aspire to completely build out our 10,000sqft building! Currently privately funded.

    Q: What is your timeline?
    A: Metalshop, Woodshop, Techshop, Craftshop is mostly usable at this point. We hope to add lapidary and pottery areas soon.

    Q: Who is the place for?
    A: All ages (18+ for non-class-based access), Women and Men, Anyone who is curious, who wants to learn new things from enthusiastic people. Anyone who is artistic or otherwise creatively inclined. Anyone who likes to create things but may not have room at home for all the various tools needed. Anyone wanting to take or teach classes on a wide range of subject matters.

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