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Lynelle Hanson (id:800)
Membership Status: Paid membership good for another 2 days.
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40w Laser: Passed


Member Fee Tab Balance:
Friday, Sep 1st 2017$-22.50 Tab Payment.[ [rock class]]
Current Fee Tab Owed Balance: $-22.50 Currently a credit!
Member Payments/Receipts:
Friday, Sep 30th 2016Class$18.00 Signed up for Rock Engraving class. (CASH PAID)
Monday, Dec 19th 2016Membership$45.00 Individual Membership (till:2017-1-19) ( PAID)
Saturday, Apr 8th 2017Membership$45.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2017-5-08) (PAYPALHERE PAID)
Tuesday, Apr 11th 2017Materials$4.00 Fee Pay Station:Electronics Misc Parts (CASH PAID)
Thursday, May 4th 2017Membership$45.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2017-6-08) [3/6/2017 Gift CC swipe made and hopefully not tracked then] (PAYPALHERE PAID)
Friday, Jun 23rd 2017Membership$90.00 2 Individual Month Membership (till:2017-8-23) (PAYPALHERE PAID)
Saturday, Jun 24th 2017Class$30.00 1 Signed up for Pottery 101 class. (PAYPALHERE PAID)
Sunday, Jul 9th 2017Class$20.00 1 Signed up for Lapidary 101: Stone Cutting and Polishing class. (PAYPALHERE PAID)
Monday, Aug 21st 2017Membership$0.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2017-9-23) [laser class membership trade] (CASH PAID)
Friday, Sep 1st 2017Class$-22.50 1 Teacher Fee Split for Rock Engraving class. (CASH PAID)
Friday, Sep 1st 2017$22.50 Tab balance payment. [rock class] (CASH PAID)

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