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Some stuff we know we currently need, donated is great but also possibly buying at good deals.

Last Updated: January 20th, 2017


WoodShop Managers! Improve and maintain woodshop.

Pottery Managers!  Help setup the space

Shop Coverage during open hours. people to cover same days every-other week reliably.

Volunteers!  Always some work that needs doing.

Misc Building Materials:

Extension Cords / Long-corded Power Strips

Metal Stock

Clean Plywood / Hard Wood


Misc Equipment:

Commercial Rugs, even moderately worn for the messier shops.

LED Light Fixtures of Any Kind

Newer Laptops for Dedicated Equipment (2GB ram+) like Big Laser/3D Printers

3D Scanner: DIY? Functional system.

Hand woodworking tools: Hand Planes/Miter box/Coping saws/clamps/etc.

Small Crafting Tools of most any kind

Wood Shop:

4'x8' Panel saw

Wide capacity belt sander

traditional hand tools

Metal Shop:

 Water Jet???  :)

Ceramics/Lapidary tools:



Acrylic scraps 4"+ x 4"+

Metal stock of any kind for metal shop.

Aluminum stock of any kind (Cases, Rails, Mounts, etc.) for robotics/cnc's

Mindstorms: Would be nice for kids classes.

Electronics: Components (No old CRT's, Bulky stuff, etc)

Technical Books/Creative Projects/Crafty Books/The Trades: We'll have a small library. (for software, please not overly outdated)


Volunteers: Always looking for help with shop work.

Teachers: People who want to run paid classes.

Accounting: cost effective Duluth MakerSpace Accounting.

Garbage: Good Cheap Service or sponsorship

Plowing: Relaxed Late-morning snow removal & sponsorship for reduced rate

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