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NOTE: We are currently only open to RFID members due to CDC social distancing guidelines. If interested in a walkthrough please email to schedule a tour.
If interested in a membership, please sign up for a DMS orientation class which are hosted every two weeks. Membership Info

3001 West Superior Street Duluth, MN 55806 View Map

Mission: To offer the best sustainable multi-field cooperative workshop possible for our local artists, inventors, experimenters, teachers, learners (Makers!)

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Raise The Roof Fundraiser (Saturday, Jun 10th - Mike )

    9/15/23 WE ARE NOW AT $9777.00
    If you have been in the MakerSpace when it rains or thaws you know our roof needs some work. We sought bids last year and they were in the range of $65000-$70000. Considering Murphy and inflation we have set the fundraising goal at $75000.
    The good news is we have received a number of unrestricted donations over the past 6 months. We also have a commitment for matching funds. So, every dollar we raise is two to the fundraising goal. This thermometer shows the combined donations and matching funds.
    Donations and fundraising ideas welcome.
    Let's get a new roof!

Helical Head (Monday, Jan 2nd - Mike )

    Thank you to all who donated to the DMS Helical Head Fundraiser. We've raised $1810.00 of our $1500.00 goal, and there are a couple of people who committed to donating still outstanding. The extra funds will help our small non-profit provide the best community shop/studio/work space and tools we can afford.

Our 501(c)3 nonprofit provides budget friendly access to tools and equipment for wood working, metal fabrication, laser engraving, sewing, pottery, lapidary and so much more.

New to the idea of a MakerSpace? Come take a tour. Contact Mike at 218-461-0069 to set one up.

Who We Are And Our Mission Statement (Thursday, Aug 4th - Board )

    Who we are:
    Duluth Makerspace is a 501c3 nonprofit providing an 11,000 sq foot community multi-discipline industrial, arts, and technology space where members get access to tools and equipment for a small monthly fee. We have acted as an incubator for small business, a workplace for artists, a creative outlet, and a location where ideas can become reality.
    Some of our members have been able to find employment, start full or part time businesses, help other small local businesses with creative solutions, as well as build and improve personal “do it yourself” skills due to their learning and experience at our MakerSpace.
    Our Mission:
    Promote life skills, sustainability, creativity and inspiration by providing access to tools, technical equipment, work space and education to the community at an affordable price.

Sep 23rd

Class: Rock Painting - bring your own or choose one (11:00am-1:00pm)[$45]
Come into my rock painting class for a positive, open-ended experience by either 'BYOR' (bring your own rocks or rock from home) or choosing a rock of various shapes and sizes that I have mindfully hand picked off the shore - some will be primed white, some will not - I will provide many rocks to choose from.

I will bring examples of rocks I’ve painted, whether that be: food rocks, mandala rocks, butterfly wing rocks, and/or dipped paint rocks and individuals can decide to paint from those inspirations, or paint their own idea.

I am happy to assist with technique, process, and creating a welcoming environment. This is a relaxed space to paint rocks and appreciate the beauty and history of the Earth and North Shore around us. Please join me!

Instructor Bio:

Hello! My name is Ingrid Ilg and I am an avid rock painter. I’m from the Twin Cities, but have had the privilege to work in Duluth for the last two years. The pandemic was hard for all of us, and during the beginning of that time I was teaching in a classroom of toddlers, and needed an outlet to regulate myself. I started painting, then came the rocks. I’ve always collected rocks since I was a child, and realized one day when I was painting, that I have many little *free* rock canvases!

Now, I'm here today. Rock painting brings me pure bliss. The process is magical. Half the joy is walking the shore and finding a rock that sparks joy. Do you like the shape? The color? How does it feel? I believe in the power one’s own creativity and rock painting is the ability to leave something behind that will last. Rocks are some of the oldest pieces of history within our land, and I simply adore honoring the rocks I find.

I’ve put hundreds of rocks out along the North Shore and each one has disappeared. Some have reached out to me through my Instagram page, and tell me how I made them smile. That’s what it’s about- sparking joy and smiling within creation.

Sep 24th

Sep 25th

Class: In Person - DMS Membership Orientation (6:00pm-8:00pm)[$20]
*This class is only for New Members to orient to Duluth MakerSpace. Attendees will be expected to have a current membership or pay for a months membership at the time of orientation.*

A general orientation to everything Duluth Makerspace. In this mandatory class for RFID access, we go over important tool usage, as well as workshop expectations and function.


Sep 26th

Sep 27th

Sep 28th

Sep 29th

Sep 30th

Oct 1st

Oct 2nd

Oct 3rd

Oct 4th

Oct 5th

Class: Pottery on the wheel: getting centered (5:30pm-8:30pm)[$70]
This is a beginners class for doing pottery on a pottery wheel. The class will focus on fundamental pottery wheel skills, centering, making a cylinder, and making a bowl. Students will come away with a basis for independent wheel exploration and study. The instructor will fire and glaze student work outside of class.

Meeting: Board (7:00pm-7:00pm)
Closed Board Meeting

Oct 6th

Oct 7th

Class: Pottery on the wheel: getting centered (1:00pm-4:00pm)[$70]
This is a beginners class for doing pottery on a pottery wheel. The class will focus on fundamental pottery wheel skills, centering, making a cylinder, and making a bowl. Students will come away with a basis for independent wheel exploration and study. The instructor will fire and glaze student work outside of class.

Donations: Donate
Like what we're doing but have little time to be involved? Consider giving some funds.
Thanks go out to Sara Geoghegan for giving $30 on 2023-02-05

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is a MakerSpace?
A: A Cooperative Workshop, run like a fitness gym, where a monthly membership pays for shared access to tech tools, electronics, woodshop, metalshop, techshop, crafts, classrooms, fabrics, etc! Similar places have been sprouting up across the country. They are a real community asset driving innovation, education and cooperation. Our biggest asset is the other members.
Q: Who is running this?
A: A loose knit group of about 30 very enthusiastic member-volunteers who aspire to endlessly improve and creatively use our 11,000sqft building. Over half of the equipment is on loan or donated from members! The remainder is currently privately funded to keep us well stocked.
Q: How long have you been running?
A: We bought the building end of 2014, and volunteers have been tirelessly working on improving the space since then. We had our grand opening September 17th, 2016.
Q: Who is the place for?
A: All ages (18+ for non-class-based solo access), Women and Men, Anyone who is curious, who wants to learn new things from enthusiastic people. Anyone who is artistic or otherwise creatively inclined. Anyone who likes to create things but may not have room at home for all the various tools needed. Anyone wanting to take or teach classes on a wide range of subject matters.
Q: Do you have tool X or can you support hobby X at the shop?
A: If we do not already have the tools we will look into finding a way to integrate it into our offerings. We encourage you to help us gear up and teach the equipment! Our equipment list is helpful.
Q: I'm interested! What are ways I can be involved?
A: Come take a tour. Become a Member. Come volunteer working on space. Donate or lend some needed equipment or funds. Join our facebook page. Tell a friend. Come take a class. Anything is appreciated!

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