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Additional Thanks to current active members who have been helping to improve the shop!
I am just not managing to track everything as closely anymore!

Pre-Opening Community Effort!: All members who volunteered hours, Thank you!
Sergio Quincha-Vergara: Tons of time donated to help prep shop! Lifesaver!
Chris Broughton: many hours of shop work assist. classroom tables, etc.
Mike Wilson: Many donated hours of hard work!
Scott Halenbeck: Lots of time and some truck trips!
Jerry Lieffring: Building Maintenance/Construction Guru Advisor Thanks!
Reed Fulghum: Logo Design and other help! Aided logo:(Chris Broughton, Peter Stauduhar)
Alyssa Friesen: Sign Vinyl cutting along with many other projects!  Thanks!
Karl Wagner: CNC troubleshooting, and other techincal help, plus loads of donations!  Thanks!
Mary Ahlstrand: Several hours of valuable  donated help.
Matt Faris: Working on Key-fob access system, among other help. Thanks!
Joshua Bailly: Putting together Hand-tools bench among other help, Thanks!
Leesa Lieffring: Ginger Cookies!!!  and curtain, etc.  Thanks!
Paul Schonfeld: Some helpful tips and some general help, Thanks!
Peter Stauduhar: Some hard work assistance, Thanks!
Axel Ahlstrand: Truck Loaning, Thanks!
*** Many others provided other help and advice, and a General thanks goes out to them!

Internet Generously Sponsored by: Compudyne,Inc.  with special thanks to Ryan Goldberg
Electronics Class Kits Sponsored by: Saturn Systems, Inc.    Thanks! 
DeWalt Donated some new hand power tools, Thanks to Tony Ledermann and thanks DeWalt!
Phone services Sponsored By: AiTech with special thanks to Matt Beckwell
Getting Ball Rolling: Russ & Matt, etc. @ SiliconLakeShore, Ray @ ProtoLab
Building Occupancy Change Project: Jake Kieper & Jake Zikmund and Company ??
Good Neighbor Treatment: Motion Industries, Inc.
Thanks to Duluth Technology Company for technology help

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