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Duluth MakerSpace is a 501c3 NonProfit. Any donations are greatly appreciated! Funds will be used for equipment and build-outs. If you have equipment or materials you are interested in donating, please contact a director or board member!

Donation Amount:

Previous Donations:
2018-02-14Robert RagsdaleWeb$200.00
2018-02-17Eli WeinburdCash/Check$80.00
2018-03-19Terence JurekCash/Check$20 cash to go towards 'sander eraser' for woodshop
2018-04-12Robert RagsdaleCash/Check$50.00 donation paid by PAYPAL CC swipe
2018-04-16Fred UnderwoodCash/Check$400 from sale of donated milling machine - for use in metal shop
2018-04-16Fred UnderwoodCash/CheckProceeds from sale of Fred's milling machine - for use in metal shop
2018-04-16Fred UnderwoodCash/Check$400.00
2018-06-08Robert RagsdaleWeb$50.00
2018-07-03Rick UmpierreCash/Checkcash
2018-07-06Heather HolmesCash/CheckMoney
2018-07-242183937504Cash/Check$50, didn’t really know how to enter this into the system
2018-08-08Anna RathbunWeb$120.00
2018-08-17Dewayne TomasekEquipmentEngraving Equipment
2018-09-28Matthew SteereWeb$60.00
2018-10-29Kristofor ParsonWeb$15.00
2018-11-28Paul SchonfeldEquipmentMillling Bits
2018-12-11Joe AndersonCash/Check$30

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