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Hyland Garvey (id:1114)
Membership Status: Paid membership good for another 41 days.
Maker Bio/Info: Interested in everything. I really enjoy finding diy solutions to life’s everyday problems.

Current Projects/News: - Working on finishing my tiny home and focusing on picking up CNC operation skillz

Badges: this member has been trained in the following:

3D Print/Design: 75%
Auto: 50%
Bicycle: 100%
Brewery: 75%
Crafts: 0%
Electronics/Robotics: 50%
Fabrics: 75%
High Tech/CNC: 100%
Kitchen/Cooking: 100%
Metal/Welding: 75%
Pottery: 25%
Programming: 75%
RC/Flight: 0%
Wood: 75%
3D Print/Design: 0%
Auto: 0%
Bicycle: 25%
Brewery: 0%
Crafts: 0%
Electronics/Robotics: 0%
Fabrics: 25%
High Tech/CNC: 0%
Kitchen/Cooking: 50%
Metal/Welding: 0%
Pottery: 0%
Programming: 0%
RC/Flight: 0%
Wood: 25%

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Member Payments/Receipts:
Thursday, Jun 7th 2018Materials$10.00 Fee Pay Station:Planer time (Cash PAID)
Thursday, Jun 7th 2018Membership$15.00 1 Day Pass: Day Pass (Paypal PAID)
Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018Membership$0.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2018-12-14) [Operation Manager] (Cash PAID)
Wednesday, Jan 2nd 2019Membership$0.00 3 Individual Month Membership (till:2019-4-02) [operation manager] (Cash PAID)
Wednesday, Feb 6th 2019Membership$0.00 Excess cash in till Deposited to bank by Max (Cash PAID)

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