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Max Elfelt (id:124)
Membership Status: Paid membership good for another 65 days.
Maker Bio/Info: I am the Chairman of the Board for the Duluth MakerSpace 501c(3). I am always looking for ways to improve the MakerSpace and make it even better! let me know if you are looking to help and ideas on how to upgrade our community! I also teach the Intro to Arduino class, Intro to Soldering class, and will run the front desk on occasion. I am most experienced and can help out anyone that needs help with the 100w laser, some Arduino stuff, or the lapidary equipment.

Current Projects/News: Disco Bike 2.1 Disco Skateboard 1.0 Laser Cut Bathymetry Planned: Bike Frame Pack, Swing bike, Laser cut instruments, Burning Man installment, etc.

Badges: this member has been trained in the following:

100w Laser: Passed

40w Laser: Passed

Lapidary 101: Passed

Metalshop 101: Passed


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