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Troy Rogers (id:53)
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Maker Bio/Info: Troy Rogers is a composer, instrument builder, and educator whose work often finds itself at various intersections of art and technology. For more than ten years, the predominant locus of his artistic output has been the development of robotic musical instruments and the creation of music for these novel devices. In this creative work, the two primary aspects of the process–design and fabrication on the one hand, and musical exploration on the other–are tightly coupled in an iterative loop in which the compositional act begins with the conception of each new instrument and the personality of each device becomes understood and elaborated through musical play, in turn informing the conception and design of future devices and music. Troy Rogers is a co-founding member of Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI). The recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship in 2009-10, he spent time working with what is perhaps the world’s largest and most advanced robot orchestra at the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium. While there he apprenticed with Godfried-Willem Raes, developed a singing, speaking robot, and composed music for the M&M Robot Orchestra. Troy is currently based in Duluth, Minnesota, where he creates music, robotic musical instruments, and other contraptions; pushes a rickshaw of musical robots around town; and navigates the land and lakes on foot, bike, kayak, canoe, and skis whenever possible.

Current Projects/News: The Robot Rickshaw (a foot-powered cart of musical robots) is locally retired for winter, but will be making a trek to Art Basel Miami in early Dec. In preparation, a former Uhaul (17' box truck) is being converted into a mobile studio/personal makerspace with basic living quarters. Current musical robots are being upgraded and new robotic musical instruments are in the design phase. Kits that allow anyone to create their own MIDI-controlled musical robots are being finalized with EMMI. A new album of music for robots and human has been recorded and is now being mixed in preparation for release. Excited to offer some classes on DIY electronic musical instrument construction at Duluth MakerSpace this winter!

Badges: this member has been trained in the following:

3D Print/Design: 75%
Auto: 25%
Bicycle: 75%
Brewery: 50%
Crafts: 25%
Electronics/Robotics: 75%
Fabrics: 25%
High Tech/CNC: 75%
Kitchen/Cooking: 50%
Metal/Welding: 75%
Pottery: 25%
Programming: 50%
RC/Flight: 25%
Wood: 50%
3D Print/Design: 75%
Auto: 0%
Bicycle: 25%
Brewery: 50%
Crafts: 25%
Electronics/Robotics: 75%
Fabrics: 0%
High Tech/CNC: 50%
Kitchen/Cooking: 50%
Metal/Welding: 50%
Pottery: 0%
Programming: 75%
RC/Flight: 25%
Wood: 25%

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