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Chris Bollman (id:82)
Membership Status: Paid membership expired 301 days ago.
Maker Bio/Info: New dad, entrepreneur, IT geek, European car nut, and outdoor adventurer. I own a tech repair and consulting startup, Duluth Technology Company, that focuses on Apple repair for consumers, and all IT repair for small businesses.

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Badges: this member has been trained in the following:

3D Print/Design: 100%
Auto: 100%
Bicycle: 100%
Brewery: 75%
Crafts: 75%
Electronics/Robotics: 100%
Fabrics: 75%
High Tech/CNC: 100%
Kitchen/Cooking: 75%
Metal/Welding: 100%
Pottery: 75%
Programming: 75%
RC/Flight: 75%
Wood: 100%
3D Print/Design: 25%
Auto: 75%
Bicycle: 75%
Brewery: 0%
Crafts: 0%
Electronics/Robotics: 75%
Fabrics: 0%
High Tech/CNC: 0%
Kitchen/Cooking: 0%
Metal/Welding: 0%
Pottery: 0%
Programming: 25%
RC/Flight: 0%
Wood: 0%

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Member Payments/Receipts:
Sunday, Nov 23rd 2014Class$-12.00 Signed up for 3D Printing class. (Cash PAID)
Saturday, Apr 25th 2015Membership$25.00 Individual Membership (till:2015-5-25) (Paypal PAID)
Saturday, Apr 25th 2015Purchase$10.00 Bulbasaur (Paypal PAID)
Saturday, Apr 25th 2015Purchase$10.00 Coasters (Paypal PAID)
Sunday, Dec 13th 2015Membership$25.00 Individual Membership (till:2016-1-13) (Paypal PAID)
Sunday, Jan 24th 2016Membership$25.00 Individual Membership (till:2016-2-24) (Paypal PAID)
Thursday, Jul 14th 2016Membership$45.00 Individual Membership (till:2016-8-14) (Paypal PAID)
Saturday, Feb 18th 2017Membership$45.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2017-3-18) (Paypal PAID)
Tuesday, Jul 31st 2018Membership$45.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2018-9-1) (Paypal PAID)
Friday, Oct 26th 2018Membership$45.00 1 Individual Month Membership (till:2018-11-26) (Paypal PAID)

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