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4' CNC Plasma Cutter

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4' Square X/Y Metal Table using one of our Stepper Motor CNC Kits.

Good Info:

* Z control - Without is much simplified. There is a danger of warpage with thinner metals, and delicate cuts, of which will cause interference with table. provided torque is low, and cut is overseen, it should be ok.

* Water bed or Air Suck - Water Bed sounds cheaper,quieter, and prevents warpage, although quality is slightly messier? You need to get the water up to the bottom edge of the material..

Help/Materials Wanted:
Need: Perfect Square Table Assembly.
Need: Rails System, Low Weight/Torque, But should be reliable around metal dust/heat.
Need: Plasma Cutter for testing or loan.
Need: People to help asssembly/sourcing.

Involved Members:
(in random order)

Matt Faris

Robert Johannessen

Joe Durbin

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