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Volunteering Opportunities

  • Teachers
  • Shop Coverage during open hours

Misc Building Materials:

  • Metal Stock
  • Clean Plywood / Hard Wood

Misc Equipment:

  • Any non-basic 3D Printers (Resin, Sintering, Powder)
  • Commercial Rugs, even moderately worn for the messier shops.
  • LED Light Fixtures of Any Kind
  • Newer Laptops for dedicated equipment (4+GB RAM, SSD storage)
  • 3D Scanner
  • Hand woodworking tools: Hand Planes/Miter box/Coping saws/clamps/etc.
  • Small Crafting Tools of most any kind

Wood Shop:

  • 4'x8' Panel saw
  • Wide capacity belt sander

Metal Shop:

  • Water Jet
  • EDM Wire CNC


  • Acrylic scraps 4"+ x 4"+
  • Metal stock of any kind for the metal shop.
  • Aluminum stock of any kind (Cases, Rails, Mounts, etc.) for robotics/cnc's
  • Mindstorms: Would be nice for kids classes.
  • Electronics: Components (No old CRT's, Bulky stuff, etc)


  • Volunteers: Always looking for help with shop work.
  • Staff: Folks wanting to give tours and run the laid back front desk.
  • Accounting: cost effective Duluth MakerSpace Accounting.
  • Garbage: Good Cheap Service or sponsorship

Last Updated: February 29, 2020

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